Still Lopsided

It is now nearly two years ago since I had the mastectomy and reconstruction. I am still waiting for the breast reduction to balance me out again.

For those without health problems, a no medical exam life insurance policy is always a possibility. Why should be one submitted to a doctor's exam if they not not have to.

Untill now I have one DD cup and one C cup, which is rather annoying. I have a silicone shell, which I have been putting in my bra for the past couple of years and I have enough of it.

A month or so ago I received a letter from the HSE proposing that I would opt for treatment abroad, in order to cut the waiting list down. How on earth do they expect me to accept that?
Away from home again, in some hospital I never heard of, to be operated by a doctor I have never seen before?
Not for me, that one. If they had given me the option to choose which hospital I’d rather go to, I would, of course, have chosen to go to Belgium, but somehere in the UK? No Thanks!!!

June, a woman I know from Ballinadee, where I lived before, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a radical mastectomy. She called me a couple of weeks back. It is strange, how you immediately have a bond. I know what she’s going through, and she came to me for help. Strange how friendships can be created…

The cancer was detected quite early, I think she’ll be alright.