MRI Scans

May 26th, by roos

I am in a research programme in the South infirmary. They are testing out some new medicine, I am not getting it, I am in the group who doesn’t take the new medicine, so the results can be compared.

The advantage of that is that I will be followed for up to ten years after start of the chemo. I get to see the oncology-research doctor every three months for the first five years, then every six months.

I hope at the end of the research, I’ll be in the survivor’s part of the statistics!

So, still upset about the Irish Times’ blunder, I asked the doctor about the possibility to get MRI scans instead of mamogrammes , as is now the case in Belgium and the USA, amongst others.

The doctor tried to brush it off, by saying “we do an MRI scan, if there is the least bit of doubt on the mamogramme. ” “But,”I said, “that is just the problem. Last time you didn’t see anything on the mamogramme, a year later I came back with a 2.5cm , tumor that had spread to the lymph nodes. It was a very aggressive cancer, and that is exactly the indication for MRI screening of the opposite breast. ”

The doctor was lost for words. “And,” I said, “my sister in Belgium is being screened by MRI scan for the past two years.”

” Yes, that is the golden way.” she answered with a sighh. The research nurse sighed as well and said,” it will take minimum 10 years before we can do that here…… “Are you still so proud to have voted the same governement in?