Our Dirty, Bad Hospitals

November 15th, by roos

What can one say? The news of the last few weeks has just been horrendous.

The poor women in Portlaoise …. I know what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know what it must feel like when you were first wrongly cleared of the disease, after being worried when feeling a lump, only to be told months later that you actually have it, now more advanced than when you were first tested.

Have these politicians who are responsible for this nonsense no shame? What if it was their wife, their sister, or mother? Would they brush it off like they did now?, blaming it all on one radiologist?

Next the state of the hospitals. I’ve said it time after time again. They are dirty, and now it is finally made official.

Your life is in danger when you go to a hospital in Ireland. Dirty germs are waiting for the perfect victim, hiding in dirty toilets, in hairs in the showerdrain, on your bed or your bedside table, on the doorhandle or even your food tray, the fork you eat with, the doctor’s hand you shake, the nurses hair.

I am totally speechless, because I have a feeling, that apart from a lot of noise in the Dil, and the media, nothing much will change. The whole system needs to be reviewed. Mary Harney just wants to push on with her two-tier health care system, politics is politics, not decent healthcare management.

I’ll keep my options open in Belgium for the future, and hope that none of us will need the hospital in an emergency!